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“BAL boys in the telly getting right haaaaaa ” on YouTube


“Medea Vodka BAL Boys” on YouTube

“BAL Boy Rated Presents Medea Vodka” on YouTube

Rated’s World Freshman 2011

The Freshman 2011 goes to Swagg a very charismatic rapper from Flatbush Brooklyn NY, 4 mixtapes on that piff in a short 2 months known as the NY Gucci Mane with alot of music on deck, plus videos like, “Swaggo 2 Times” “Style & Power” “Red Light” and more. i chose him as my Freshman because he is so cosistant with his music he always has something new and you could pick up on his personality from his cocky and confident lyrics. He is also the Ceo of his Flatbush Street Team “CMF”(Cocky Motha Fuckas) and he lives up to the name 100% go to dat piff and show love.

Payper Planes(Designed By Rated-X From BAL)

My Payper Planes Line Designed By. Me, Logo Designed By Brittney Brand, this is a line ive been working on for about a year it should be hitting the surface this year thanks to Butterflitia Fashion Corporation.

Weed Of The Day: Juicy Fruit

Smoked the juicy fruit up at my school mos def had me in zone 6 od zooted -____-!

Rated-X – Always Made It (Official Music Video) DIRECTED BY. WHY CUE [HD]