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Lil B – Pretty Boy

This Video is live bitches on deck everywhere.


Lil B Talks About Getting Knocked Out(Speaks Real Shit)

Rated-X “Love Cant Save Us” Ft.TV(Xtasy 2 Exclusive)

This is a new track of my new mixtape “Xtasy 2” COMING SOON!!! alot of originals on this one, i produced this beat also, sampled it from Nickleback “HERO”. ENJOY!!! X2

The Dashboard Gallery:Monroe F. Baby

This was a project i had for drawing 2, i printed out a pic of Marlyn Monroe and drew tattoos on her, then put it through photoshop to make the reds pop out more i have one of al capone to, i will upload later.

“Stytling The Stylist”

Something lite for a nice fall day, You got the Pheonix Coyote Fitted $34.99, Then the Reebok Pheonix Coyote Hockey Jersey $189.99, Black Jet Lag Cargo Pants $149.99, then to top it off the varsity red Penny 3’s $160.00, nice set up, i just styled your stylist.

Weed Of The Day:Silver Kush

Silver Kush, the first time i smoked this i was with the homie DubSlim we was out in CT chillin’ @ Fab’s Job at the sneaker store, some dud he worked with sold bud , me and dub copped a 15 off of him and smoked it in the whip in the back of the store, OD!!! this was a crazy high and on top of that it was snowing so my shit was boosted, when we walked back into the store it felt like we was in another world, mos def one of the best weeds i ever smoked.

Rich Nigga Shyt: Golden Ak47

Golden ak47 seized from Saddam Hussein’s underground mansion., real life golden gun.