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WEED OF THE DAY:Strawberry Cough

STRAWBERRY COUGH?!? , when i first herd the name i was thinking to my self like what the fucc is that, when i first herd of this weed very shortly after i got some of it, last year on 420 some dude at my school had this on the market so i copped a dime and faced it before my 6 oclock class, WHOAAAAAA!!! i felt like a fuccin zombie walking to class i was so high i walked right in to the school building wit the clip still lit, it felt like my head was gonna levitate off my shoulders it was an OD head high i didnt feel it through out my body until it started to wear down and i was smacced the rest of the night. Thumbs up for STRAWBERRY COUGH


Rated’s World Freshman 2010

Niggaz know ya boy had to make his own freshman 2010 list first up is my nigga/lil brotha, JG also known as Gullardo Gutta, two words to describe this kid is RAW TALENT my nigga has to be the youngest nigga doing it up, his beat making ability and his rap talent together is an unstoppable force for anyone in his age bracket, he might even be over the heads of niggas in my age bracket, i been around JG for a minute so i watched him progress to be one of the nicest in the hood, he has the natural talent to play a piano which i find scary, he even taught me everything i kno about beat making still waiting on his debut mixtape “0 to 60”, JG also has great song writing ability, to make a long story short he is the TOTAL PACKAGE…AYYYYYYYYYYYY HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

Freshman 2010 Vado

HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! the young harlem native Vado has to be one of my favorite rappers out right now his flow is so fluent an his word play is up to par, i believe he’s like a old school juelz santana but reincarnated and wayyyyyyyyyyyy better and he fucks with one of the most influential rappers in the game Killa Cam, Cam is letting this yung boy shine and he is fuccin shyt up for the summer, LOOK OUT FOR THAT SLIME FLU!!! t-shirts are available also

Pharrel Williams Signs A MONCLER DEAL!!!

Im still shocked and clueless on how pharrell came across this deal, i guess money talks, above is two pieces of pharrel’s MONCLER X line, im really feeling that bullet proof vest i really like the look congrats on the deal P, i know he is gonna make some wavy shyt for the hood.

My Video For The 3YZ DVD

me and why cue bacc in high school this was my senior year when i just started to get nice in rapping butta was on the camera we was mobbin in the basement of the school.

Rated-X,Less Pain, WhyCue-Who Fuckin With Us[IN STUDIO PERFORMANCE]

Almost 2000 youtube views on this we went crazy that day we all locked in this the day why cue had just got his new studio so its only right them boys come through and murder shyt.

Me And The Homie Dub Slim On 42nd st Wit The MuggaBoyFam

this shyt was so live we juss started spittin and a big ass crowd juss started mobbin around us chinese people and all them niggas was hype they prolly didnt understand shyt we was sayin lol